Gym membership is only available at Majorstuen

Personal training at Majorstuen

As a member at Majorstuen , you get access to our skilled and experienced team of trainers and physiotherapists.

Personal Trainer
Price per hour (45 min.): 1 150,-
Binding period: none

Regular appointments with a personal trainer will provide you with effective and motivating training sessions adapted to your starting point and goals.

Our personal trainers have a high level of expertise in sports science and physiotherapy. With an average of 13,000 training hours per trainer, our team is one of the most experienced in Norway.

Personal training is offered for members only. Please contact us for vouchers or subscriptions.

Online PT
Wherever you are
Price per month: From 490,-
Expires until any written notice of termination

With online PT, you get a digital and flexible training subscription that is suitable for those who want a digital solution.

The subscription gives you an individual training program with ongoing customization, access to an exclusive exercise library and regular follow-up from our skilled trainer Erick Nazareno.

Contact us if you want a hybrid solution.

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Online PT

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