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Skin therapist adapts treatment to your skin type and your needs. You will also receive good individual guidance in the use of home products. We recommend regular treatment for optimal effect.

Facial treatment

Our skin care professionals adapt all facial treatments to your skin type and needs.

You will also receive individual guidance on how to best care for your skin at home.

Chemical Peel

Regular peeling will even out the skin tone, give the skin extra glow, counteract acne and reduce the visibility of fine lines.

Our therapists adapt the type of peel according to your skin type and your needs.


Dermapen improves skin structure, is effective against pigmentation and reduces wrinkles/lines.

In addition, you get fresher skin with more glow - already after the first treatment!


Achieve a general skin improvement, moisture and a wonderful glow with mesotherapy.

The treatment gives nice and natural results that have a very good effect in both women and men.

Lashes & Eyebrows

Small details can make a big difference!

We offer dyeing/shaping of eyelashes/eyebrows and the popular lash lift.


Get smooth and silky skin with a wax treatment.

Choose between face and/or body treatments.

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