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Regular massage can improve physical and mental well-being. Our massage therapists has a wide range of expertise and will adapt treatment to your needs. Feel free to combine treatment with a stay in our facilities. Please note: we do not perform massage on pregnant women before the second trimester.

Aroma Massage

A pleasant and relaxing massage performed with an aromatic oil mixture.

When using strokes, the aroma massage is carried out with calm movements and a smooth and coherent flow. 

Treatment of 55 min. or more covers the whole body.

Mild strength

Classic Massage

A relaxing and medium-deep massage that treats stiff and sore muscles, reduces tension and prevents pain.

Regular classic massage counteracts stress in everyday life and helps with bad posture and overuse. 

Treatment of 55 min. or more covers the whole body. 

Medium strength

Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper massage with a focus on specific trigger points and muscle tension.

The therapist works in concentrated areas using deeper pressure and slower movements. 

Treatment of 55 min. or more covers the whole body. 

Hard strength

DUO Massage

Share the spa experience with someone you love! In our DUO rooms, two people can get a massage in the same room. 

Choose from Classic/Aroma or Deep Tissue/Sport. We also offer a DUO package.

Sports Massage

A technical massage that can improve the performance of the muscles, increase flexibility, shorten recovery and have an injury prevention effect for those who exercise actively. Can be adapted before/during/after activity. 

The therapist performs the moves with precision and works efficiently with faster movements. 

Treatment of 55 min. or more covers the whole body. 

Mum To Be Massage

A relaxing and comfortable massage specially adapted for those who are pregnant. 

Pregnancy massage releases stiff and sore muscles and relieves pain in the hips, back, and shoulders.

Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese massage technique where the therapist presses thumbs, fingers and palms on shiatsu points on the body and stimulates these to treat pain and ailments. 

The aim is also to balance chi, prevent diseases and contribute to the body's natural healing.

Hot Stone Massage

A stress-relieving massage performed with hot volcanic stones and aroma oils.

The treatment increases blood circulation, affects the body's energy pathways, dissolves tension and creates balance between body and mind.

Hawaiian Style Massage

A harmonious and holistic body massage where the therapist uses frangipani oil in combination with long movements inspired by the waves in Hawaii.

The treatment promotes relaxation, improves circulation and relieves pain. 

Natural Facelift Massage

A soothing facial massage using techniques from Japanese and Indian massage, acupressure and reflexology.

The treatment dissolves tension in muscles and reduces facial expressions, lines and wrinkles.

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