Frequently Asked Questions


Is the spa open to everyone?

Artesia Spa is open to everyone. Please note that we have a lower age limit at all our departments.

Do I have to be a member to be able to use Artesia's services?

You do not need to be a member to use the spa, spa treatments and physiotherapy. Personal training and group classes are only available to members.

What facilities do you have?

We have various facilities at our departments.

Do I need to book access to spa facilities in advance?

We always recommend booking facilities in advance due to limited capacity in the spa. Access to the spa facilities can only be reserved by booking a treatment via the reception. Contact us to book/reserve.

How much does access to the spa facilities cost?

Price per person when booking treatment: NOK 300.

Price per person without booking treatment: 690,-. Access is based on drop-in on the current day.

What should I wear in the spa facilities?

Bring your own swimwear. Swimwear is compulsory in our spas, also in the sauna/steam room.

You will be able to borrow a bathrobe, slippers and towel from us.

Can I be naked in the spa facilities?

No, you must use swimwear at Artesia.

Should I use the spa facilities before or after treatment?

We recommend using the spa facilities prior to treatment as it warms the body and the products are left on longer after treatment.  

How long should I book a massage to receive a full body treatment?

To receive a full body massage, a treatment of at least 55 minutes must be booked. For shorter treatments, the focus will be on the back/neck/shoulders unless otherwise agreed with the therapist.

Can food/drinks be served in the spa facilities?

We serve fruit platters (should be booked in advance) at all our departments. In Majorstuen we also have a café that serves light lunch and smoothies.

Do you serve alcohol?

We offer alcohol service only at our department at Hotel Norge i Bergen.

Where can I park?

Artesia does not have its own parking spaces, but street parking and garages can be found in the immediate vicinity.


When should I show up for my treatment?

We recommend that you arrive approx. 10 minutes before your treatment begins. On your first visit to us, you must fill in a consultation card prior to treatment.

What should I wear during treatment?

You can use your own underwear or disposable underwear that you get from us.

Can I choose between male and female therapists?

If you have a preference for a therapist, we recommend that you state this when booking, and we will arrange this for you. When booking online, you can choose your preferred therapist.

Can I receive treatment if I am pregnant?

We offer treatment for pregnant women from the 2nd trimester onwards. For example, we recommend our"Mum To Be Massage", a massage specially adapted for pregnant women.

Can two people receive treatment in the same room?

All our massages are also offered as DUO treatments. This offer is available at all departments. Facials, body treatments and foot treatments are only offered in single rooms.

What products do you use?

We use products from Babor, Ekseption and MeLine in both treatment and sales. We have massage oils that are hypoallergenic and free of parabens.

How can I move/cancel my treatment?

Our cancellation deadlines are 24 hours for treatments Monday-Thursday and 48 hours Friday-Saturday. Contact us to change your booking.


How do I book a personal trainer?

You can easily book a personal trainer online or via reception.

What group lessons do you offer?

Artesia Fitness offers a wide range of group classes for members, including core, endurance, yoga, pilates and water aerobics.

Gift cards

Where can I buy gift cards?

Gift cards can be purchased here, or directly at reception. For online purchases, you will receive the gift card by email as a PDF file. Gift cards of any amount can be purchased at reception. We also offer mailing of gift cards by post if desired (customer pays postage).

What can I spend the gift card on?

Our gift cards can be used as payment for all our treatments and products.

What payment methods do you offer?

With us, you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Vipps and cash.

Can a gift card be used in a department other than where it was purchased?

Our gift cards can be used in all our departments, regardless of where they were purchased.

How long are Artesia gift cards valid for?

Our gift cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


How do I become a member?

We offer spa membership on all our departments, training memberships are only offered on department Majorstuen. 

Still have questions?

Just contact us and we'll be happy to help you.